Cocktail Piano Series

  1. Cocktail piano tips, techniques, and strategiesI have something pretty special that I would like to share with you. Before I do, I would like to explain how it evolved. Perhaps you can relate to this. It’s possible you have had similar experiences (if not,
    you’re about to)…

Throughout the many years of developing my playing skills, even when I include the private lessons that I attended (which were valuable in their own right), nothing could replace those select few times when I was in a public place where a proficient pro player was performing and I had the opportunity to spark up a conversation with this person during a break. Sure, I always had that reservation where I didn’t want to interrupt the guy on his break, figuring that’s the last thing he needed. At the same time, if I was intrigued enough by his playing, my curiosity won out and I would approach him to ask a question or two.

Surprisingly, more often than not, the player took such inquisitiveness as a complement and was more than happy to answer me while demonstrating an idea or two at the piano keyboard. Looking over the shoulder of a pro while witnessing a close-up demo and explanation of techniques and strategies like this was huge! I’m really grateful for those special little episodes. They were worth gold to me. They were far too rare, too.

I’ve often found myself in the same situation with the roles reversed. Yes, sharing some tips with a fellow enthusiast was always a privilege and I enjoyed helping someone who actually took the time to ask for help.

One day, I was inspired to create more of these “golden moments” for those interested in taking their playing to higher levels. I thought to myself, “If only I could create more of those ‘over the shoulder’ moments that people would enjoy and learn from that would last for more than the typical 3-5 minutes.” To make a longer story short, the result was a series of videos that I created entitled Sneak Peeks. I wanted these sessions to be valuable for people at various levels. So, what I decided to do was to focus on a small segment of a well-known standard or a chord progression that I would repeat again and again, each time offering a new way to approach those few measures.

I didn’t initially know how people would take to this idea. When I created the first one, it instantly became a hit with visitors. They especially liked the idea that I was playing over just a few measures for which I was implementing various tips and strategies while explaining exactly what I was doing. It was like taking a very concentrated approach to creativity! The response I was receiving from my subscribers resulted in some pretty awesome feelings on my part.

That first session was over an hour long as it focused on the first four measures of My Romance (by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart) in ballad style. These are the measures:

My Romance | First Four Measures

This first session was offered as a video keyboard animation in which the keys on the keyboard would be light up as they were being played. Along with that, I narrated as I played. That was Sneak Peeks #1. Following that, I decided to create more of these sessions. In total, I created 7 more. These 7 sessions also included video footage of my playing in addition to the video keyboard animation. It’s important to express that my subscribers were really my inspiration for creating these learning sessions. I would be receiving emails asking when the next one would be available. So, yes, that’s how this learning series came to be.

Listed below are the links to a description page for each of the sessions in this popular series:

Sneak Peeks #1

Sneak Peeks #2*****

Sneak Peeks #3

Sneak Peeks #4

Sneak Peeks #5

Sneak Peeks #6

Sneak Peeks #7

Sneak Peeks #8

I want to be honest and upfront about this series. It is not necessary to have completed one to move on to the next. I really wanted each of these sessions to be like a genuine, on-the-spot, impromptu experience that simulated the kind of experience I was describing above. You can think of each one as a “grab bag” of “tricks of the trade.” You can get an idea of what is covered in each of these videos by reading the description page and previewing the excerpts.

What’s really great about learning like this is that you have the luxury of pausing the footage at any given time and replaying it over and over again as many times as you like. Truly, there is something in these sessions for everyone. I hope you gain value and will share your experience with me as you proceed.







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