Cocktail Piano TipsWelcome to Sharing these cocktail piano lessons here is something I see as a privilege. You see, although I have performed throughout the years in both the group setting and as a soloist, the latter is how I have spent most of my time, whether that be serving as a solo performer forwedding receptions, corporate functions, or for some of the major cruise lines.

The cocktail piano lessons that you will be exposed to include those techniques and strategies that I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from other pro players as well as playing concepts and insights gained via my own personal playing experience. Truly, I have a passion for sharing this information. While I still enjoy the privilege of offering lessons in a one-on-one environment with others in my local area, enough cannot be said for the joy that comes from being able to expand my focus on helping people all around the globe.

That said, I would like to personally say thank you, friend, for arriving on this page and investing some of your valuable time with me here at the site. I appreciate you. If you are able to learn one tip, technique, or strategy that allows you to add more dimension to your playing and have you feeling more confident at those keys, I would indeed feel grateful for that.

(excerpt from Sneak Peeks #2 video session)

All of the learning tools that are available in our store are available via instant online access. Along with that, please know that I am here to help make sure you enjoy gaining access even if some “cyber” glitch occurs for whatever reason or a download page simply escapes you. Have no concern, as I am just an email away.

Also, I want you to feel comfortable when it comes to communicating with me. If you happen to purchase any of my tools (firstly, thank you!), please stay in touch to let me know how things are going for you. If you need something you need clarified once you’ve viewed a video session or read something in a lesson, just contact me using the “Contact Us” form that you see below. Again, this is my passion and the fact that you have chosen to be here is something I’m very thankful for.

Let’s enjoy this musical journey together, shall we?







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