Cocktail Piano Tutorial: Subtle Variations For More Maturity

Cocktail Piano TutorialThis cocktail piano tutorial takes off where 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano #1 leaves off. We’re talking about really easing into a more mature style. If you’ve gotten a handle on the 3 simple techniques in that first video session and have applied it in the context of a favorite ballad, you’re ready to get moving with this one.

The transition from that first video tutorial to this one ought to be “as smooth as molasses” for you. We are actually expanding on what we already learned so it’s a good way to take your confidence to higher levels in a way that’s not overwhelming. Here is a short excerpt for you to take a look at:

(excerpt from 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano #2 video session)
Actual video is approximately 27 minutes in duration

By the way, the video session also includes the animation keyboard as well:

Cocktail Piano Tutorial Videos

Our Focus Remains Where It Needs To Be With This Cocktail Piano Tutorial With A Tiny Bit More “Flair”

As in the first video, this cocktail piano tutorial places the focus on the left hand for the most part (though, in this one, we take it a tiny bit further during the latter part of the demonstration). It’s pretty encouraging to see and experience just how a few left hand techniques can really make a ballad flow. With these sessions, allowing the right hand to stay devoted to playing the melody without embellishments (there’s plenty of time for that) allows the concentration to be on that left hand.

Developing a left hand accompaniment foundation is key when it comes to presenting a ballad in a “pro”-like manner. Depending on your situation and preferences, you may or may not dive right into the final technique we address in this session which uses a particular chord fill technique using a couple of chord voicings. Proceed at your own pace and extract the good that you choose at any given time with any of these sessions.

It’s been said that contrast is the first law of all art and this is a premise upon which this easy cocktail piano series was created. In this particular one, I had fun applying the techniques within the context of excerpts of a few different standards, one of them being The Beatles’ Yesterday. One you’re able to confidently apply these cocktail piano strategies to a ballad like that and others we use in this series, you can simply transfer your experience to virtually any ballads of your choice. As I constantly tell my ProProach members: Appreciate where you’re at and build upon that!

Get started with 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano #2 here