Cocktail Piano Video Lesson: Creating Chord Momentum

Cocktail Piano ChordsThis cocktail piano video lesson places the spotlight on effectively handling a situation that so many solo players are faced with while playing ballads. Have you ever found yourself lost for something to play during those places in a tune when just one note is held for an extensive amount of time, like a measure or two… or more? Perhaps you’ve experienced the secret inner urge to rush through it or “get it over with” so you can get on to the next phrase.

Well, if so, that’s an example of musical anxiety that really has no place outside of making us aware that we need to learn to appreciate each and every segment of a song. In other words, if you have found yourself in such a situation, it can be a positive if you recognize it as an alert that your approach could be more creative. We really can use such “predicaments” as opportunitiesfor learning how to be more creative. In this session, we are talking about being a bit more creative with those left hand chords in ways you might not have previously considered.

Cocktail Piano Video Lesson Focuses On
Adding Left Hand Chord Interest

Sure, elaborate fills and runs can serve well during those moments. However, you don’t have to have exceptional technical skills to play through any segment of a tune in a professional manner. In this cocktail piano tutorial, the emphasis is on playing those “long and drawn out” areas of a ballad in a way that makes them sound like they were meant to be there (because they were, of course!). We have fun adding momentum with that left hand in a number of different ways that are easy to get a handle on and are very effective as well.

Here is a short excerpt
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This session of 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano serves as yet another smooth continuation of the first two videos as we build on what we’ve already accomplished.  As always, you are encouraged to place your attention on one or two ideas at a time by familiarizing yourself with them and following up by actually incorporating these concepts into your own favorite tunes.
Nothing can replace doing this when it comes to really making a new technique your own,

If you dedicate yourself to mastering even half of what you are exposed to in this cocktail piano video lesson series, you will find that your confidence level has increased dramatically. Have fun as your enthusiasm for learning remains at a high level and your piano playing creativity matures!