Cocktail Piano Videos To Begin With

Cocktail Piano Video LessonsThere are several cocktail piano videos to choose from in our online store. Here we are focusing on some suggestions for getting started. Again, I would like to mention that this information is being presented with the understanding that you do have at least some playing experience in that you can confidently play a melody and some chords as well. The sessions here are intending to take your playing creativity to greater heights.

1-2-3 Cocktail Piano Videos

I created this series with the intention of helping you if your experience playing tunes is modest. The series consists of three video sessions. Each one will build upon the previous:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

I wanted you to have some idea of what you would be taking advantage of with each video, so I provided a short excerpt of each session. You’ll have access to that once you click each link above. Along with that, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your session. I do suggest that you follow this series in order for the most benefit. Also, repeated exposure is recommended since you will likely want to focus on one idea at a time. Learn a concept and go to your piano or keyboard and use it. That’s how to make it yours.

I don’t believe you actually have to be a beginner to benefit from these video sessions. It’s rather likely that a more advanced player may pick up something from them as well. These are my choice picks if a player whose experience is minimal is looking to takes things up a few notches.

A key premise upon which these particular sessions were created is that you don’t have to know a ton of complex ideas in order to put yourself across professionally. Remember, it’s not necessarily what you play but how you play it. Using these cocktail piano videos as a guide, you just might be surprised at what you are capable of when it comes to playing tastefully. I encourage you to learn a strategy or two and really make them items that you will have handy in that piano playing “toolbox” of yours.

You don’t really need to stick with one video before proceeding to the next. It may help you greatly to watch these videos to get a good overview of what’s possible and then begin incorporating the ideas into your playing as you see fit, starting with the first and proceeding accordingly. It’s totally up to you as to how you go about enjoying them. Now, I would like to present you with some commentary that will help you as you engage with these video sessions.

I would consider it a privilege to hear from you to let me know how things are going as you proceed!