Easy Piano Improvisation For Beginners

Easy Piano ImprovisationEasy piano improvisation ideas, when learned and accumulated, can culminate into more mature improvised lines rather quickly. Do you remember those first books you were exposed to reading in the 1st grade of school? I remember some of those sentences, many of which consisted of a noun and a verb like “See John.” Those sentences gradually got a little longer like “See John run,”etc.

Although they were simple, they were ideas that made sense. Also, once learned and repeated, it became easier to expand on those ideas by making longer sentences.

Easy Piano Improvisation Ideas Can Really Sound “Pro”

Now, let’s keep in mind an important fact. Although you are capable of speaking and writing longer sentences, it’s not always necessary to use them to make your point. Would you agree? A simple “I’m hungry” or “Let’s go shopping” conveys an idea that makes sense and can be easily heard and interpreted. Well, when it comes to improvising music, it’s the same way. Starting with easy piano improvisation ideas or “motifs” eventually leads to more intricate musical lines. But, even at that, the most mature improvisers know that those short ideas are often preferred.

A point I am wanting to get across here is that, even in your earliest stages of development, you can be playing improvisational ideas that work well and are acceptable to anyone’s ear. So, it’s not necessarily a matter of “working up to a point of being able to improvise.” Rather, you can begin your journey with some easy piano improvisation ideas that are completely acceptable. From that point, you can grow… and that, by the way, is something that happens at every level. The key is to really enjoy the adventure during each and every step of the way.

As I mentioned already, improvisation is a super popular topic here and I personally felt compelled to create yet another tool for beginning improvisers. As with my other sessions, this is an informal approach to learning a little more about piano improvisation.

Here we are taking a bit of a different angle to improvising on piano.  Exposing yourself to both this tool and The One Improvisation Secret You Must Know just may open your eyes and ears up to some new and exciting revelations about your own personal ability when it comes to to have fun improvising at those keys. If you aspire to improve your cocktail piano playing and improvisation is a new concept for you, this can be helpful.

We utilize the first few measures of the classic standard Tenderly by Walter Gross and Jack Lawrence to demonstrate how we can use simply, tiny building blocks to eventually arrive at some tasteful ideas.

Easy Piano Improvisation - Tenderly

(excerpt from Improvisation Made Easy video session)

What Do You Need To Know?

Can you sing or hum a little nursery rhyme tune like Mary Had A Little Lamb? Do you know a few basic 7th chords? Then you can gain benefit from this tutorial.

We focus on two very elementary procedures that anyone can immediately start applying. The real value comes into play when you see for yourself how these concepts can easily flourish into more sophisticated improvisational sounds. As long as you have fun applying yourself, even for a few minutes at a time, this easy approach can work for you.

The insights shared in this recording alone can prove to be highly valuable
if you would like to get a handle on the right “mind set” required if one is to truly enjoy the freedom that goes along with improvising. This can be a very helpful tool when it comes to getting a better handle on embellishing those melodies, too. I hope you gain some value from it.