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This jazz piano chords chart pdf is accompanied by a lead sheet for the very popular classic standard tune Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael & Stuart Gorrell). However, a unique feature is that you will also receive the same lead sheet with a “paint-by-number” system that corresponds with the voicings chart.

What was really responsible for the creation of this fun learning tool? Well, the input I receive from site members and subscribers means a lot to me. I really appreciate those email conversations that take place regularly. It thrills me to really get to learn about the path people are on. A fringe benefit is that this interaction helps me to understand what people really appreciate. So, this lead sheet/chord chart pdf combination is a result of some of that correspondence.

If you aspire to become more confident with chord voicings during the development of your own personal piano playing style, I’m pretty sure Chord Voicing Stir Fry may help you. Even though I created it, my going over it again and again is conducive to my reflecting on my own playing and gaining more insights as I proceed. Chord Voicings Stir Fry

Alright… so you’ve got the lead sheet propped up on your piano or keyboard stand (I am providing the lead sheet). You’re looking at the melody and considering what chord voicings would sound great and where. You start playing the song and… shazamm! A little genie makes an appearance right next to you and start whispering in your ear! “For this melody, play this chord voicing… ” So, you “obey and play!” Wow, it works! The genie continues. “Okay, now for that melody note, play this chord this way.” Again, you “obey and play!” Again, it sounds terrific!

Okay, okay. It’s not a genie that comes out of a magic bottle. But it does work instantly like that. I mean, all you have to do is match the numbers on the lead sheet with the corresponding numbers on the chord voicings chart. The melody note and the voicing provided coincide. So, this is a “no fail” approach to sounding good instantly.

Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Chart

(excerpt from Chord Voicing Stir Fry)

It’s important to note here that I really intended this jazz piano chords chart pdf to be a learning tool So, yes, you’ll be able to play through 32 measures of Georgia On My Mind in a nice cocktail piano fashion. But, it’s meant to work to a greater extent for you. This tool serves as a guide. The more you play through it, the more you start realizing some insights of your own. It’s my hope that your inner dialogue will go something like this:

“Wow, I can change things around by playing this one here instead! And I can change this voicing just a little and the sound I get is different! What happens when I play this voicing here… or here?”

Piano Chord Voicings Chart

Use This Jazz Piano Chords Chart Pdf
As A Guide For Future Development

It would give me great joy to know that what you are learning here will be transferred to other favorite standard songs of yours. In a way, I equate this to painting a picture using a “paint-by-number” system and once you’ve taken a look at the results, you start to realize how the colors work together. You then become inspired to paint pictures of your own using the same concepts that you’ve familiarized yourself with.

There are five online pages of voicings, each page consisting of nine voicings. So, you have 45 specific situations in which a melody and chord voicing on the chart coincide. Certain voicings are repeated when considered appropriate, of course, which will simply help you to familiarize yourself with them more. As an alternative to printing the pages separately, you can simply download the pdf.

In addition to the jazz piano chords chart pdf and lead sheet, I also provide a commentary sheet to encourage you to approach this with a more creative mind set. I truly hope these insights will lead you to some of your very own, ultimately leading you to greater chord confidence.