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Cocktail Piano Voicings Free LessonFirstly, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to be here. Browsing the Web, you could have landed on any number of pages and I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your spending some time on my site : )

I would also like to share with you a free lesson – no strings attached. Let me explain what you’ll be getting:

A while back, based on my passion for the art of jazz piano voicings, the idea had occurred to me of creating a program that would make learning chord voicings easy and fun for people. I wanted it to be presented in a format that was easy to understand and offered value. There were a lot of different ideas I wanted to share with people and I ultimately settled on 24 lessons that would serve the individual who was willing to put in some time every week and, by the time they took themselves through the 24 weeks, they would know that learned some really valuable techniques and strategies. I didn’t want to just offer a collection of voicings for one to read about and reproduce on the piano (there are tons of books that do that). I genuinely wanted the person who dedicated himself or herself to my program to have established a platform of confidence for taking things further.

The program is entitled ProProach. It has been designed to truly help one to approach piano chords and voicings the way a pro piano stylist would. If cocktail piano is your thing, I think you’ll find this to be extremely valuable.

Would you accept my invitation to accept Lesson #1 free of any obligation? It would be a personal pleasure and privilege to send it to you. If you feel inspired to take advantage of the rest of the program, for a limited time, I’ll be happy to let you in on the entire program for a modest $49 (significantly less that the previous enrollment fee of $119).

It would be fair to let you know that I created this program with the idea that a learner would spend a significant amount of time with one lesson before proceeding the next. That’s why I originally released only one lesson at a time with each subsequent lesson sent a week later than the previous. However, for your convenience, I know that it’s a good feeling to have all the lessons on hand for convenience, since you may want to proceed to the next a little quicker than someone else might. So, you’ll get all the lessons at once and you can follow along at your own pace. It’s my belief that you’ll feel as though your investment was well worthwhile.

Again, thanks for your courtesy and time. Filling in the short form below will initiate the process and you’ll have Lesson #1 in your inbox within a few moments:

~ Dave
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