Learn Piano Chords Quickly

Learn-Piano-Chords-Quickly“I want to learn piano chords quickly” is a common request and understandably so. There is a certain kind of satisfaction that a beginning player can gain by learning to play even just a few chords on the piano. What’s more is that if they can be played in a confident manner, that confidence is instantly conveyed to the listener.

When you are playing chords, you are playing harmony, which is always pleasing to the ear. Often, when I meet with a student for the first time and I see that they could easily use a boost in optimism, I will demonstrate some chords for them and encourage them to play those chords after explaining how to do so. The result? The eyes light up, the posture improves, and almost instantly, I have an excited student before me.

If you want to learn piano chords quickly, perhaps the easiest way to do so is to utilize a visual approach rather than a theoretical one. I had this in mind when I created my two popular programs Piano Chords 101 and The Ridiculously Easy Way To Master Those 7th Chords On The Piano. The first shows you how to instantly get a grip on how to play the four basic triads (three-note-chords) in all the keys. That results in 48 chords! Once you see the structural formula illustrated in an understandable fashion, you really can learn piano chords quickly… and lots of them. The latter focuses on what the title implies. You’ll learn many types of 7th chords, even more than the most commonly played ones. Also, you’ll learn how to interpret those chord symbols in a way that makes perfect sense. These can really confuse a person at the beginning and it’s quite understandable as to why. This program takes away the mystery.

Having fun with those two programs as you implement the easy strategies will result in your establishing a nice chord foundation to build upon. Video animations along with my narrations make learning those chords quickly a breeze.

Once you’ve learned those triads and 7th chords in their most basic positions, which those two programs will get you to do, you’ll have a nice platform on which you can build, including learning those chord inversions and chord voicings.

If this is all new to you, then you are in for some “aha!” moments because you’re about to explore playing potential that you might not have known to exist. You’re on your way to creative piano playing!