Piano Improvisation Tips: Building A Vocabulary

Piano-Improvisation-TipsOne of the most valuable piano improvisation tips one can learn to implement is that of overusing a concept to the point of it becoming part of one’s nature. Perhaps we can more easily understand this if we equate this to the language that we speak, since music is a language in itself. When we learned to say a certain word like, “Wow!” we found many places within our conversations to implement it to the point of it becoming natural to do.

When learning a new improvisation idea, make it a habit to incorporate that idea into many areas of a song wherever possible. Yes, it might sound a bit monotonous to begin with but practicing and performing can be thought of as two separate activities. Incorporating a musical idea into a song over and over leads to confidence in using it on command. Do this with several improvisational ideas and your confidence with improvisation, in general, will definitely soar.

For example, let’s say that you are playing with a small improvisation pattern like this:


The notes in this particular pattern can be played with many chord situations. Look for areas in your song that might have a chord progression that goes something like this:

Cmaj7  Dmin7  /  Cmaj7  Dmin7  /


Cmaj7  Dmin7  /  Cmaj7  Dmin7  /


Amin7  Bdim7(b5)  /  Cmaj7  Dmin7  /

Even if you can find a succession of chords in which the pattern does not sound absolutely great to you, consider modifying the pattern a tiny bit so that it fits well, like changing a couple of notes in the pattern. Also, consider using a portion of the pattern like one measure of it or half a measure’s worth. One of the best piano improvisation tips you can learn to put into practice is adapting an idea to a given situation as we are mentioning here.

The more you apply yourself in this regard, the more equipped you will be when it comes to improvising. Use the new idea that you are learning in a number of different songs as well. Overusing an improvisation technique, strategy, or concept is a bit like swinging a bat with a weight on it several times. Then, when performance time comes, you feel “lighter” and more confident when it comes to actually implementing the ideas you have learned and repeatedly put to practice. In short your confidence when it comes to improvising increases tremendously.

Suggestion: Pick one idea today, like a piano fill that you would like to get better at using in your songs whenever you become inspired to. Find as many possible places that you can use it in a favorite song of yours. Yes, even modify it a bit to adapt to certain situations.

As you become more and more inspired to play creatively, remember…