Piano Voicings PDF

A piano voicings pdf that coincides with the first video session in my Sneak Peeks series is available and may serve you well in a couple of ways. Firstly, if you decide to get involved with that popular video session, you will have a reference chart for the voicings that are being played. Secondly, if you’ve never explored piano voicings, you may not yet be familiar with seeing chords played in this fashion and it is very likely to lead you to asking some questions. Of course, questions lead to answers! This just may be that little tid-bit you need to start your way on the road to piano voicings.Piano-Voicings-Pdf

Those video sessions can be paused at anytime, so you can in fact enjoy “freezing” those frames and giving yourself the time to assimilate those piano voicings at your own pace. That’s one of the beautiful things about learning with these videos. This piano voicings pdf can serve as a beginning for you and is likely to give you the inspiration to proceed with other sessions in that series.

By the way, that series can really serve you well if you feel you would benefit by the opportunity to look over the shoulder of a pro player and learn piano playing tricks of the trade you may not otherwise be exposed to. I’m happy to report that the feedback I’ve received from those who have taken advantage of these sessions has been nothing but positive. It’s my hope that you will be the next to benefit by them.

It may be extremely helpful to proceed through Sneak Peeks #1 while having this piano voicings pdf handy while you watch and listen. As you implement the techniques demonstrated, your confidence is sure to escalate. I get excited even as I write this because I know what it was like for me when I was first introduced to the concept of piano chord voicings. That enthusiasm continues to grow for me.

The benefits you will gain from the Sneak Peeks series go beyond learning some great sounding piano voicings. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of chord voicings, piano fills, improvisation, and more all being demonstrated within the context of short segments of tunes and/or commonly played chord progressions.

I would like to make a friendly suggestion, which I strongly recommend to my ProProach students: become familiar with one chord voicing… learn it in at least a few keys… then make it a point to incorporate it in an actual playing situation, using a tune that happens to be a favorite of yours. ProProach students know its one thing to learn how to play a particular piano voicing and it’s quite another to use it in the context of a song, which is why you’re learning them to begin with!

Another Jazz Piano Chords PDF (FREE)

I have prepared another jazz piano chords pdf that you can simply download at no cost at all. In addition, I have provided helpful suggestions for gaining the maximum benefit from this free chord chart as well.

This piano chord pdf actually illustrates the first chord voicing presented in ProProach in all the keys. I would recommend following at least some of the suggestions there since doing so will result in your enjoying a sense of mastery that you may not have experienced before.

You can download this jazz piano chord pdf here. I hope you will use it in a fashion that is of benefit to you rather than just playing the voicing once, passing judgment on it one way or another, and then discounting it. As you will realize (if you haven’t already), incorporating what you learn in the context of songs as mentioned earlier is the ticket to really making that chord sound yours.

Have fun learning those piano voicings and as you do…